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Ampeg V4 1972 w/220 power converter (new)

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All original but with newer tubes. Imported from the USA. Without TAD power converter (€99,99).

Despite its striking resemblance to vintage Ampeg SVT and current-production V-4B reissue bass heads, the original V4 was actually intended for guitar. How’s the V4 different? For starters, it has an extremely unique tube complement in both the preamp and the power stage. Two 12AX7s drive the front end, which has a passive James tone stack—an interesting circuit with a pair of filters that have an almost notching effect at lower settings, but that instill a bit of character when set flat, and offer a surprising boost when cranked. It’s a subtractive filter, meaning that it takes away some guitar signal when used, but its tweakability is worth the tradeoff. There are also two switches that set either input’s sensitivity at 0 dB or pads them at -9 or -6 dBs.

As with the Beamish, the unusual circuit would mean nothing if the V4’s full-bodied tone didn’t utterly dominate. If you want to brutalize your audience with thunderous lows, this amp has you covered
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Ampeg V4 1972

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